What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing with origins in Japan. “Rei” roughly translates to universal life, and “ki” (like the more recognized Chinese chi or qi) is energy. Put them together and you get life force energy, and reiki healing uses that energy to heal both your body and your mind. A reiki practitioner uses touch to manipulate energy within the body and relieve blockages, similar to acupuncture.

Reiki healing can also be sent over distance, allowing a practitioner on one coast to send healing energy to someone clear across the country. You can also use reiki healing on yourself. Yep, anyone can learn to utilize reiki healing and manipulate his or her life force energy for healing and wellness.

What Does Reiki Entail?

You lie down or sit in a comfy chair, fully clothed, and your reiki practitioner may/may not place their hands on you. Many place their hands near you. That’s pretty much it. Hand placements generally center on the head, shoulders and torso, but can move to limbs in the event of specific injury. It can be done on yourself, on a client or can be sent to someone in another location.

What Does It Feel Like?

It may seem simple and straightforward: someone touching your face or shoulders is no big deal, right? But people who’ve had reiki healing say there’s way more to it than just getting touched. People report sensations ranging from intense warmth to soothing coolness emanating from the hands of the healer. Some people even feel pulsing energy. Other folks fall into a meditative state and some just fall asleep. It’s different for everyone.

What Does It Do?

Your life force energy travels through your body in channels called meridians, according to Eastern traditional medicine. If one of these meridians is blocked, you become ill, either physically or emotionally. The practice of reiki unblocks these meridians, allowing your energy to flow freely, restoring the body and mind to a state of balance and health. It’s a cumulative effect though, so don’t expect miraculous healing after just one session (although you may very well experience just that).

Is It Religious?

Nope, reiki isn’t associated with any particular religion, although it is spiritual in nature. People from all religions (or no religion) can experience and benefit from reiki and some people claim it aids them in their religious practice, enabling them to be more open and receptive to their chosen deities.

Is It Real?

While reiki isn’t science per se, the energy, in the form of the electromagnetic fields we emanate, can be measured. Reiki healing involves very subtle shifts, workings and tweaks of that energy, and while there’s no way to measure it with science, people who’ve experienced it can absolutely tell you it is, in fact, real.