Thank you so much for allowing me to have this experience. Like I said, I had never done Reiki (had Reiki done to me?) so I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect but your messages before and our conversation put me as ease and made me wonder why I hadn’t done it before.
I focused on my breathing, trying to be as present in my body as I could. I felt my upper thighs warm and I felt calm. I received two very clear images : one was my as a kid of 4 or five in a toy store with my father. The other I was in a big hall like Grand Central Terminal except it was white and light grey, like marble, and the platforms led to docks for boats.
Talking to you afterwards really helped me and resonated with issues I have been thinking of and working through. So in many ways it was an affirmation. i may have even cried as you were telling me what you saw and what it could mean. But it was also really empowering in the sense that the things I have been struggling with (feeling heard, seen, not paying attention enough to myself, my creativity and giving so much to others) can be worked on and I can be healed (that sounds like some Bible shit but you know what I mean). I also appreciate how down to earth your explanation was of things I should be doing.
Thank you so much. Because of you I really will be doing Reiki again.